A dollhouse for a dollhouse

miniature dollhouse

Hot on the heels of the miniature Barbie we just wrote about -- check out this adorable handmade miniature dollhouse so that your dolls can play too. Now, imagine if that miniature dollhouse had a doll, it would need a dollhouse too, right? This was made by Michelle Loves Junque and you can see more of creations on her Etsy and Flickr pages.


Hamster Butt

hamster butt

Really, what more can I add? (via reddit)


Miniature Barbie Doll for a Dollhouse

miniature boxed barbie doll for a doll house

Yep, that's a miniature miniature. A tiny Barbie doll for a dollhouse. Forgive me while my head kinda explodes over the idea of mniature miniatures. You can buy it on eBay.


Yoda Dog Fesses Up

yoda dog pooped in your shoes i have

Hey, at least he's being honest about it. (via reddit)


Top 8 Most Awesome and Easy DIY Sesame Street Cupcakes Ideas

Looking for a fun toddler party theme? Sesame Street is a perfect idea. The characters are all made out of simple shapes that make it easy to reproduce them as decorations and most importantly... as cupcakes! Here are 10 amazingly cute Sesame Street cupcake ideas that you don't need to be a cake professional to make yourself.

simple sprinkle sesame street cupcakes

I love the simplicity of these cupcakes which involve colored sprinkles and then mold some simple shapes out of fondant. Learn more at the I Bake Cupcakes blog.

sesame street cupcakes

Dust off that star-shaped frosting tip and get squeezing! Then just cut basic shapes out of colored fondant for the face features. Learn more about how to make these at Charmaine's Pastry Blog.

sesame street cupcakes

Add the spaghettie-shaped frosting tip to your arsenal and you can achieve the perfect monster fur look. Check out the JavaCupcake.com tutorial here.

sesame street cupcakes colored sugar

Not feeling up to frosting tips and fondant? This clever sping just involves smooth colored frosting (or maybe colored sugar covered white frosting) and some pre-made cookie and candy pieces. This idea is from the Facebook page of Cake Pops Cake.

Sesame street cupcakes

Here's another idea involving the spaghetti frosting tip and some fondant. I love how they look like pom poms. Read more about them at Kel's Cupcakes flickr page.

flat fondant sesame street cupcakes

Here's a fun idea involving all fondant, most of which is flat shapes. See more pics at Sugar Siren.

simple flat fondant sesame street cupcakes

And here's an even simpler flat fondant idea via Kraze Kitch Bakeshop.

paper sesame street cupcake toppers diy

And lastly, if you just want to avoid finagling with frosting altogether, check out this super sweet idea of paper cupcake toppers out of paper and attaching them to toothpicks. Via KayGee Designs.


Baby Prairie Dogs Sharing a Snack

baby prairiedogs

Baby prairie dogs; not only cute but great sharers. (via ZooBorns)

Momiji Message Dolls

Cute Toothpick Holders / Dispensers

Everybody needs a toothpick holder so you might as well take the opportunity to make it an cute one! The company Amico makes a whole slew of adorable toothpick holders which are also dispensers at the touch of a cute little button. Here are a few examples below. You can find tons more at Amazon.

mushroom toothpick holder dispenser

cat toothpick holder dispenser

apple toothpick holder dispenser

pig toothpick holder dispenser

See a whole of bunch of these cute toothpick holders by clicking below on this search link:

Amico toothpick holders on Amazon


Blank frames color-your-own wallpaper

frames wall paper

blank frames color wallpaper

This wall paper gifts your kids the opportunity to create a gajillion little works of art in the blank frames. Find out where to get it at Graham & Brown or get it on Amazon or eBay.


Someone is a little shy

giraffe hiding behind a tree

"If I can't see them, they can't see me. Right?" (via reddit)

Momiji Message Dolls

Rubber Barber Erasers - Create a Hairstyle While You Erase

Check out these erasers that start out like this...

rubber barber erasers

...and then as you erase, you shape the little guys' hair and beards! Clever!

rubber barber erasers

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