Top 8 Most Awesome and Easy DIY Sesame Street Cupcakes Ideas

Looking for a fun toddler party theme? Sesame Street is a perfect idea. The characters are all made out of simple shapes that make it easy to reproduce them as decorations and most importantly… as cupcakes! Here are 10 amazingly cute Sesame Street cupcake ideas that you don’t need to be a cake professional to make yourself.

simple sprinkle sesame street cupcakes

I love the simplicity of these cupcakes which involve colored sprinkles and then mold some simple shapes out of fondant. Learn more at the I Bake Cupcakes blog.

sesame street cupcakes

Dust off that star-shaped frosting tip and get squeezing! Then just cut basic shapes out of colored fondant for the face features. Learn more about how to make these at Charmaine’s Pastry Blog.

sesame street cupcakes

Add the spaghettie-shaped frosting tip to your arsenal and you can achieve the perfect monster fur look. Check out the tutorial here.

sesame street cupcakes colored sugar

Not feeling up to frosting tips and fondant? This clever sping just involves smooth colored frosting (or maybe colored sugar covered white frosting) and some pre-made cookie and candy pieces. This idea is from the Facebook page of Cake Pops Cake.

Sesame street cupcakes

Here’s another idea involving the spaghetti frosting tip and some fondant. I love how they look like pom poms. Read more about them at Kel’s Cupcakes flickr page.

flat fondant sesame street cupcakes

Here’s a fun idea involving all fondant, most of which is flat shapes. See more pics at Sugar Siren.

simple flat fondant sesame street cupcakes

And here’s an even simpler flat fondant idea via Kraze Kitch Bakeshop.

paper sesame street cupcake toppers diy

And lastly, if you just want to avoid finagling with frosting altogether, check out this super sweet idea of paper cupcake toppers out of paper and attaching them to toothpicks. Via KayGee Designs.

Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My!

cupcakes cookies and pie oh my

You’re no doubt seen the super sweet Hello Cupcake! book around with its adorable cupcake ideas and instructions. Well, now those cupcake creators are back with a new book called Cupcakes, Cookies and Pies, Oh My! which includes not only cupcakes but cakes and pies as well. If that sheep creation on the cover doesn’t get ya, I don’t know what would!

Cupcake Pebbles

cupcake pebbles

cupcake pebbles

cupcake pebbles

What the what?! I just learned that there is a new member of the Pebbles family. Cupcake Pebbles! I have loved a bowl or two or three of Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles in my day so I must admit to some intrigue at this new flavor. Luckily the blog has done a full investigative report for us on how this cereal tastes. (And I must concur that it’s almost worth buying just for the box!)

10 Totally Adorable Thanksgiving Cupcakes, Cookies and Baking Ideas

Looking for some adorable baking ideas for Thanksgiving? Here are a ten absolute gems that I found. They like lots of fun to make with kids or, heck, have fun making them all by yourself!

1. Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes

In my mind these are winners of most ingenious use of nutter butters cookies. Oh and let’s not overlook the clever use of colorful fruit roll-ups for the feathers. Find this recipe and instructions at

nutter butter turkey cupcakes

turkey cupcakes

2. Nutter Butter Turkey Pops

Not to be outdone by this clever use nutter butters cookies, we have turkey pops! Find the instructions for these cuties at

nutter butter turkey pops

3. Realistic Turkey Cupcakes

OK, let’s just come right out and say it… These are both creepily realistic and awesome! I included a closeup because the use of tiny green nonpareils as peas is just plain genius. These pictures are from a great tutorial at and the original idea came from the cookbook What’s New, Cupcake?.

thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

thanksgiving turkey cupcake

4. Simple Candy Corn Turkey Cupcakes

I love how devilishly simple and yet very cute these candy-corn-encrusted cupcakes are. The creator of these cupcakes says that the sugar “eyes” are from a local bake shop but I bet there are lots of fun things you could substitute in if you can’t find them. Find the instructions at

thanksgiving cupcakes

5. Candy Corn Turkey Sugar Cookies

And if the idea of packing away en entire cupcake after your Thanksgiving meal is just too daunting, these sugar cookies are just as sweet. Read how to make them at or where the recipe originally came from at

thanksgiving turkey cookies

thanksgiving cookies

6. Miniature Single Serving Pies in a Jar

Single serving pies in a jar. Need I say more? You can find great instructions at and at Now excuse me while I try to insert my spoon right into the screen so I can take a bite of that whip cream-topped pumpkin pie.

miniature pumpkin pie in a jar

pie in a jar

7. Cherry Pie Cupcakes

Just to throw your Thanksgiving guests for a loop, confuse them with some cupcakes that look like miniature cherry pies. These might look complicated but you’ll be surprised at how simple they are to make when you read the instructions at

cherry pie cupcakes

8. Oreo and Peanut Butter Cup Turkeys

How can you go wrong with a dessert made from oreos and peanut butter cups? You pretty much can’t. Read the instructions for these by Flickr user Coopet Photography.

oreo turkeys

9. A Slice of Pumpkin Pie on a Cupcake

This cute cupcake requires you to use fondant icing but it looks well worth it. It’s adorable and beautiful. Read the instructions at 

pumpkin pie cupcake 

10. Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcake

A cupcake that tastes and looks like sweet potato casserole complete with toasted marshmallows? Yes please. Find this recipe at

sweet potato casserole cupcake