Cute Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Orange You Lucky

free printable holiday gift tags

free gift tags

Oh how I love everything that the artist behind Orange You Lucky! creates. And once a year for the past few years she has created and shared free cute holiday gift tags that you can print and cut out. Just use a color printer and some card stock and you’re on your way! You could wrap your presents in super simple plain kraft paper and that have these gift tags be the focal point!

Miniature Plastic Candies and Desserts

miniature gingerbread men

miniature cake

miniature cookies

miniature chocolate wafers

Check out these teeny tiny plastic sweets sold by Etsy seller misssapporo. And what are these little cuties for you ask? As far as I can tell they were designed to drive me insane with jeaolusy that I can’t own every single one of them. Ha! Seriously though. I believe they are from Japan and are used to make adorable kawaii “Fruits-style” jewelry, barrettes, etc.

Little Golden Books Fabric

golden books fabric

I seem to be on a bit of a Golden Books kick this week. Did you know that you can buy fabric with all kinds of Golden Books designs? Above is just one example! It’s made by Quilting Treasures and you can buy it at lots of places that sell quilting fabric. Or click here for a lots of listings of this fabric on eBay.

And here are just a few examples I’ve found on the internet which make use this adorable fabric…


golden books quilt

Quilt by Etsy seller MamaSewCrazy.


golden books buttons

Fabric covered buttons by Etsy seller howbeadyful.


golden books wallet

Fabric wallet by Etsy seller hotbutter.


golden books quilt

Quilt by flickr user antijamsect.


golden books quilt

Quilt by flickr user heatherbelleday.