Cute Toothpick Holders / Dispensers

Everybody needs a toothpick holder so you might as well take the opportunity to make it an cute one! The company Amico makes a whole slew of adorable toothpick holders which are also dispensers at the touch of a cute little button. Here are a few examples below. You can find tons more at Amazon.

mushroom toothpick holder dispenser

cat toothpick holder dispenser

apple toothpick holder dispenser

pig toothpick holder dispenser

See a whole of bunch of these cute toothpick holders by clicking below on this search link:

Amico toothpick holders on Amazon

Fire at a Local Mushroom Farm

howie woo

I feel like Howie Woo should win some sort of Nobel Prize for being able to do so many amusing things so well. He’s a cartoonist, he makes movies, he’s funny, he’s got a really wacky imagination… and oh yeah, he also crochets like a mofo.

The picture above is of a crocheted vignette he came up with after reading a story in the news about a big fire at a local mushroom farm.

See what I mean?

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