Miniature Plastic Candies and Desserts

miniature gingerbread men

miniature cake

miniature cookies

miniature chocolate wafers

Check out these teeny tiny plastic sweets sold by Etsy seller misssapporo. And what are these little cuties for you ask? As far as I can tell they were designed to drive me insane with jeaolusy that I can’t own every single one of them. Ha! Seriously though. I believe they are from Japan and are used to make adorable kawaii “Fruits-style” jewelry, barrettes, etc.

Japanese Spaghetti and Pizza Shaped Candy Making Kit (yeah, that’s a lot going on at once)

japanese pizza spaghetti candy

Prepare to have your mind blown in a way that only wacky, ingenious Japanese toy makers can do. This toy/kit comes with different kinds of powders which you mix with water and then form into edible candy that looks like spaghetti and pizza. Insane!

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How to Make Chocolate Cherry Mice

chocolate cherry mouse

chocolate cherry mice

chocolate cherry mice

I love making edible goodies for holiday gifts. It’s a great thing for people on your list who either don’t need more stuff or for whom you just don’t know what to buy. These cherry mice look so easy too! All you need is: meltable chocolate, maraschino cherries, chocolate kisses, and almond slivers. Check out the awesome detailed step-by-step tutorial at