Real live miniature vegetable garden… with miniature vegetables!

microgreens kit

Did I mention that it’s real and you grow real miniature vegetables? OK. Just wanted to make sure.

Did you also know that eating these miniature veggies is pretty common and that they are called microgreens? You learn something new every day. 

You can buy this at a variety of places including or Amazon.

Dot – The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Animation [video]

dot nokia dot nokia

This teeny tiny stop motion animation film features an animated 3D character that is only 9 millimeters high!

It was created on order to demonstrate the power of the camera on the Nokia N8 mobile phone with a microscope attachment called CellScope. It was created by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace & Grommit). Read more about it here.

And check out the amazing “making of” video too!