Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Mini Replica

OK miniature lovers. Get read for a mind blowing double whammy of adorable-ness.

In the 1960s the Ideal Toy and Novelty Corporation toy company had a popular line of dollhouses and accessories called Petite Princess. In toy stores, the display for their furniture like this:

petite princess doll house

Some die-hard miniature maker has created a five-inch-high 1:144 scale replica of the Petite Princess toy store display. Want to know how small 1:144 scale is? Well typical dollhouses are 1:16 scale. So this mini-mini replica is 9 times smaller!

petite princess replica

Miniature Knitting from the Movie Coraline [video]

Did you see the movie Coraline? Well maybe you thought about this and maybe you didn’t but since the movie was primarily stop-motion animation, just about everything in it was made by hand in tiny miniature scale.

This includes knitting tiny sweaters for the characters. This video describes the process and you will not believe your eyes. The woman who knit the sweaters is knitting with strands of thread using knitting needles that are sometimes as thin as human hair. Amazing!

Adventures of My Milk Toof

milk toof

An artist in Berkeley has an inexplicable yet adorable blog with little picture-by-picture stories starring two small teeth. I wish I could explain it more than that. But I suppose some things are better left unexplained.

P.S. I love that these little guys are little youngsters who share a bunk bed and have lots of toys…. AND a picture of glam-era David Bowie on their wall. Yes. Of course they do.

Kawaii Fake Fingernails

kawaii nails

I was at and randomly saw an article about an online shop called Kawaii Nails that sells fake kawaii-style fingernails. And, um, WOW. Those certainly are Kawaii Nails!

All I can say is that I couldn’t get away with wearing these but I have this overwhelming desire to buy them and frame them and hang them on my wall.

japanese nail art

A little googling revealed that these crazy bejeweled fingernails are super popular in Japan right now. Who knew? The picture above is from an article at the fashion blog

Miniature Single Serving Pie in a Jar

miniature pie in a jar

I say that if you take something awesome like pie and shrink it down, it becomes adorable. Right?

Someone at came up with this clever idea for single serve pies baked right in canning jars. She says that because they are canning jars, they can stand up to the oven heat with no issues.

She also talks about how well it works to make a bunch of these ahead of time and freeze them for use when unexpected guests come over. 

You can find fantastic step-by-step instructions for these

Re-Ment Airline Meals

  Airline Meals / Plane Food

Korean Airline Meal Tray

If you don’t know about Re-ment, you might want to go hide your wallet right now! Re-ment is a Japanese toy company that makes teeny tiny miniatures that are so cute, they’ll make your head explode.

This is their airline food set. And all I want to know is… Where can you get good looking airline food like this these days?!

You can purchase Re-ment at lots of places online including eBay.

Mini Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charms

mini pet cactus cell phone charm

mini pet cactus cell phone charm

Lamenting the fact that wearing a pet hermit crab around your neck is not longer politically correct? (I’m not kidding! People used to do this in the 1990s! Gah!) Well now you can move on to an equally lovable and irresistibly tiny pet cactus.

This tiny cactus cell phone charm comes sealed in a tiny plastic jar which contains some sort of gel to keep it alive… for a while I’m guessing. And it can be yours for only $9.99 from