Chenille Chicks in Bulk

chenille chicks

I have an inexplicable attraction to chenille chicks. If you’re like me and you need a whole box of 60 chicks, worry not — lots of craft supply and party supply stores sell them in bulk.

And if for some strange reason you need just a box of plastic chicken legs? The world wide interwebs has got you covered there too. Check out this listing at chocolateletter’s Etsy shop.

plastic chicken legs

Miniature Knitting from the Movie Coraline [video]

Did you see the movie Coraline? Well maybe you thought about this and maybe you didn’t but since the movie was primarily stop-motion animation, just about everything in it was made by hand in tiny miniature scale.

This includes knitting tiny sweaters for the characters. This video describes the process and you will not believe your eyes. The woman who knit the sweaters is knitting with strands of thread using knitting needles that are sometimes as thin as human hair. Amazing!

Let’s Bake Fabric

baking themed fabric

baking themed fabric is a really neat business. You upload your own design and they print it into fabric which you can order by the yard. I’ve ordered some before and the quality is really great.

You can just design and order custom fabric for your own use and you can also open up a little shop and sell fabric with your designs and you get a cut whenever someone buys some.

This Let’s Bake fabric was designed by Spoonflower user anda and it’s really sweet!