Dot – The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Animation [video]

dot nokia dot nokia

This teeny tiny stop motion animation film features an animated 3D character that is only 9 millimeters high!

It was created on order to demonstrate the power of the camera on the Nokia N8 mobile phone with a microscope attachment called CellScope. It was created by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace & Grommit). Read more about it here.

And check out the amazing “making of” video too!

History of Hawaiian Plate Lunches Told As Plate Lunches [video]

Sarah Vowell, non-fiction author extraordinaire and the owner of what is possibly the most adorable speaking voice on the planet, has a new book out on the history of Hawaii. And how has she decided to promote this book? By creating a fun video that explains the history of something called Hawaiian “plate lunches” told entirely in, yup, plate lunches. Fascinating, adorable and thoroughly entertaining.