OK GO and the Muppets do the MuppetsTheme Song [video]

This is what you get when you combine OK Go’s visually intriguing music videos with the Muppet’s doing their classic Muppet Theme. I love how even cranky old Waldord and Astoria are included.

Might I also include an adorable Simpson’s quote about the Muppets while I’m at it?

Lisa: “Dad what’s a Muppet?” 

Homer: “Well, it’s not quite a mop, and its not quite a puppet, but man (laughing)… So to answer your question I don’t know.” 

Top 10 Cutest Things from 2010

Want to know which 10 posts on Hello Adorable were the most popular in 2010? Here are the top 10 based on votes on by readers (voting happens via the little heart button under each post). Drumroll please…..


1. How to Make Your Significant Other’s Day


2. Cats will be Cats


3. Every Mom’s Been There


4. Don’t Wake the Pandas!


5. It Takes Two


6. Does this outfit make me look fat?


7. A Face Even a Ginormous Dog Can’t Resist


8. Teeny Tiny Octopus


9. Baby Owl Versus… Umm, I’m Not Sure


10. Owl Getting a Bath


Thank for reading Hello Adorable and here’s to an even cuter year ahead!

Cute Holiday Cards

Sick of the same old same old when it comes to holiday cards? Check out these adorable selections from Mod Cloth. I like that some of them are more generic “happy holiday” cards so you can send them to those on your list who celebrate holidays other than Christmas.

Presents for Owl Holiday Cards

Jovial Mix Tape Holiday Cards

Instant Cheer Holiday Cards

A Mushroom, A Dove, and Seasonal Love Holiday Cards

Owl-iday Season Christmas Cards

Pleasing Penguins Christmas Cards

Santa’s Lil Terrier Christmas Cards