Japanese Macaron Making Kit

japanese macroon making kit

Be still my beating heart. This is a baking kit which helps you to make French-style macaroons. But of course in adorable shapes!

The kit comes with a special hot pink mixer contraption and molds for the cookies. I believe it also comes with the ingredients but I couldn’t quite tell from the description. Needless to say you’d eventually want to be able to supply your own ingredients so you can make these over and over.

You can find this at from-japan-with-love.com.

Miniature Single Serving Pie in a Jar

miniature pie in a jar

I say that if you take something awesome like pie and shrink it down, it becomes adorable. Right?

Someone at ourbestbites.com came up with this clever idea for single serve pies baked right in canning jars. She says that because they are canning jars, they can stand up to the oven heat with no issues.

She also talks about how well it works to make a bunch of these ahead of time and freeze them for use when unexpected guests come over. 

You can find fantastic step-by-step instructions for these ourbestbites.com.