Prickly and Cute – The Difference Between a Baby Hedgehog, Baby Porcupine, and Baby Echidna

If Google Image Search is any indication, there seems to be some confusion about what’s a baby hedgehog and what’s a baby porcupine. I felt the need to do some research and get to the bottom of this. Here’s what I learned.

baby hedgehog

Pictured above is a baby hedgehog. You’ll be happy to know that their spines are not barbed and do not come off in self-defense like porcupines. (Photo via Flickr user riussi)

baby porcupine

Pictured above is a baby porcupine. They’re kinda fugly. And then there’s the whole part where barbed spines rub off on you if you make contact. Did you also know that adult porcupines are the third largest rodent? (Photo via

baby echidna

And while we’re at it, pictured above a baby echidna which is also known as a “spiny anteater.” Echidnas are one of only two egg-laying mammals in existence. The duck billed platypus is the other. (Photo via

Now, aren’t you glad to have this all cleared up? I know I am!

  • Shelbster

    Thank you! I just received an email with the photo of the baby hedgehog, but it was labeled as being a baby porcupine. This post verified that they were using an incorrect photo. The baby hedgehog is MUCH cuter than the baby porcupine!