Barbie Finger Nail Printer

barbie fingernail printer


I’ve never been a Barbie kinda gal and I hardly ever paint my nails and yet there’s something intriguing about this toy. Here’s the description:

Get the ultimate custom manicure with Barbie Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer! With this digital nail printer, you can create, customize, and print perfect, professional quality designs for your nails right at home. Just select your design, choose your color, print it and wear it!

I think it’s my oft-mentioned fascination with kids toys that you can make or do stuff with. I also kinda wonder if it could be bastardized to do something crafty with. Like printing custom designs onto smooth surfaced jewelry. Hmmm… Wheels are turning….

You can find the Barbie Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer at Amazon.


Dancing Cupcakes Birthday Cards

cupcake birthday cards

I bought these cards at a local shop not too long ago and it makes me so happy to send them out to people! I was psyched to see that the creator of these also sells them on Etsy so you can buy them online.

At only $12 for a set of 4, that price beats the pants off of Hallmark cards these days. Plus they are hand-silkscreened which really gives them an extra special look. Check them out at modernradar’s Etsy shop.