Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Mini Replica

OK miniature lovers. Get read for a mind blowing double whammy of adorable-ness.

In the 1960s the Ideal Toy and Novelty Corporation toy company had a popular line of dollhouses and accessories called Petite Princess. In toy stores, the display for their furniture like this:

petite princess doll house

Some die-hard miniature maker has created a five-inch-high 1:144 scale replica of the Petite Princess toy store display. Want to know how small 1:144 scale is? Well typical dollhouses are 1:16 scale. So this mini-mini replica is 9 times smaller!

petite princess replica

Mini Rubiks Cube Keychains aka Why I Love Being an Adult

minature rubiks cubes

So, who else out there begged and pleaded with their parents to give them a quarter every trip to the supermarket so they could win the prized miniature Rubiks Cube keychains out of the gumball machine? And who out there never won one? And who out there secretly suspected there was only like one of these in the whole machine (if any) and all the rest of the prizes where crappy plastic rings but yet they still tried to win one every time?

This is why I love being an adult. I can now buy a box of twelve miniature Rubiks Cubes with my own grown up money. Hurrah!

Konapun Fake Food Making

Color me utterly fascinated.

Apparently there’s this popular kind of toy in Japan called Konapun where you go through all the motions of cooking to make tiny realistic replica food items (that aren’t actually edible).

Each toy set makes a different kind of fake food (cakes, burgers, pizza, sushi, etc). The kit comes with all the “ingredients” plus tiny mixing bowls, spoons, spatulas, etc. Plus whatever “cooking” implement is needed like an oven, stove, freezer, etc.

What the heck is this stuff actually made of you ask? Apparently “kona” means powder and the main ingredient is powdered sodium alginate which is a fiber contained in seaweed.

So amazing. This doesn’t help my theory that I am a Japanese girl trapped a 30-something-year-old American’s body.

Here’s where you can feast your eyes on even more Konapun awesomeness:

Find lots of Konapun kits to buy on eBay

Search for Konapun in google to see lots and lots of pictures of these kits

YouTube videos of Konapun-making

Great article about Konapun at

Re-Ment Airline Meals

  Airline Meals / Plane Food

Korean Airline Meal Tray

If you don’t know about Re-ment, you might want to go hide your wallet right now! Re-ment is a Japanese toy company that makes teeny tiny miniatures that are so cute, they’ll make your head explode.

This is their airline food set. And all I want to know is… Where can you get good looking airline food like this these days?!

You can purchase Re-ment at lots of places online including eBay.