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Scottish Fold playing video games

scottish fold buddha position

Apparently Scottish Folds are the only breed of cats who sit in in this 'Buddah' position. So not only are they the cutest of all cats, but superior gamers to boot. (via


Angry Birds in Lego Form

angry birds legos

It's nice to see people tearing themselves away from those darned video games and playing with real toys again...

Created by Chiukeung. (Via Craftzine)


Super Mario Shaped Soda Grocery Store Display

super mario soda display

I think a certain stock boy deserves a raise for this masterpiece. (Via


Worlds Smallest Pac Man Game

mini pac man

So you've mastered all 255 levels of Pac Man and want to know what's next? Try your hand at playing the world's smallest game of Pac Man


Kokoro Beat - Fun with 8-Bit Video Game Arts

I'd say this cute little 8-bit video-game-themed animation was worth the quadrillions of hours that must have gone into it.


Look who finally decided to show


I'm embarrassed to say this is all too familiar a sentiment. I especially love the blue piece giving the finger! By Flickr user OlasNicks.

Momiji Message Dolls

Super Mario Stop-Motion Animation Made Using Post-Its [video]

This is just insane. This stop-motion animation is made entirely out of post-its. It was created by students in Japan for about 5,000 yen (around $55) and took two weeks to put together. That must have been an intense two weeks! (Discovered via TechVert)


Pac Man Street Art by Katie Sokoler

pac man street art

Artist Katie Sokoler took some brightly colored paper, some tape, and some imagination and installed Pac Man themed scenes around the streets where she lives. Sweet! (Discovered via Craftzine)

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