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Karate Octopus

felt octopus

Make way for all 2" of fuzzy eight-legged octopus karate fury. (Umm, err, six-legged actually but who's counting.) Made by DeviantArt member Mimi-Mushroom.


Octopus Juicer

octopus juicer

octopus juicer

octopus juicer

Not only is this juicer in the shape of an octopus, but I love how the juice comes out of his, ummmm, mouth? Not sure how anatomically correct this is, but it sure is cute. You can buy this at UrbanOutfitters.com.


Lovely Purple Octopus

purple octopus

This past summer eleven potentially new species were discovered in a deep sea dive off of Canada's Atlantic coast. Including this pretty little guy. Read more about it at National Geographic.


Hot Dog Octopus Party

hot dog octopus

How lucky is the kid who opens his or her lunch box and finds this?! (Via MyFoodLooksFunny.com)


Teeny Tiny Octopus

tiny octopus

Tiny octopus or... GIANT finger? (via reddit)


Kure Kure Takora Episode 88

A few years ago via BoingBoing I learned about the wonder that is the old Japanese TV show called Kure Kure Takora.

Never has a single piece of video footage left me with so many deep and unanswered questions. Many of which start with "WTF?!" haha.

(You can actually find a plot synopsis of this episode online and it makes slightly more sense but it's kinda funnier not to know!)

Momiji Message Dolls

Hotdog Octopus

hotdog octopus with eyeballs

Because we all know how hard it is to get the kiddies to eat their nitrates.

This creation was made by Julie Jackson (of subversivecrossstitch.com) as the winning entry in an Amy Sedaris craft contest.

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