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Partners in Crime

cat on dogs back getting drink of water

Let's just hope they don't discover the ice cube button. (via reddit)


Not a morning dog

dog with face buried in food bowl

(via reddit)


You can't look away...


Don't look this frog in the eyes... (via colorlovours)


21 Photos of Basset Hounds Running

basset hounds running photos

basset hounds running

basset hounds running

What do you get when you capture split seconds of the flippy floppy faces of running basset hounds on film? You get a hysterical collection of 21 photos. Check 'em all out here at BuzzFeed.


Are you kidding me?

kitten sidewalk chalk drawing

That looks nothing like me. (via reddit)


Meet the wise viscacha


If you don't live in South America you may not know what viscacha is. I know it was certainly a new animal to me! They are closely related to the also-cute chinchilla. Read more on wikipedia if ya like.

Momiji Message Dolls

Apparently Chameleons Like Hair

chameleon holding onto hair

Just havin' a little swing are we? (via reddit)


Being a cat is EXHAUSTING

exhausted cat

I can't even imagine how a housecat keeps up with it all. (via reddit)


Momma Cat Hug [video]

Just keeps getting cuter the longer you watch this video clip. I promise it's worth it.

Momiji Message Dolls

Happy Sloth at the Beach

happy sloth at the beach

If I was at the beach now, I'm pretty sur this is how I'd feel too. (via

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