Konapun Soft Cream (Soft Serve) Toy [video]

konapun ice cream

I’m convinced that “konapun” toys were invented by Japanese toy makers to drive me into a cuteness frenzy and lure me to defect to Japan.

This konapun kit in particular is for making fake miniature soft serve ice cream cones, or “soft cream” as they call it in Japan.

Be sure to play it to the end so you can see them squeeze the ice cream out!

If you’d like to know more about konapun, check out my other blog post about it here.

How to Make Mochi-Wrapped Ice Cream

(photo by Flickr user roboppy)

mochi ice cream
(photo by Flickr user swee_tmaba)

If you’ve ever had the Japanese treat of ice cream wrapped in mochi (soft rice dough), you might have wondered how you can make this bite-sized awesomeness at home.

I just stumbled on what appear to be some pretty simple instructions at japaneseicecream.blogspot.com.

These are the only ingredients you need:

Sweet rice powder
Ice cream

Then 12 simple steps later, you’re in business! I’m excited to try this out!

Click below for the instructions/recipe:

(P.S. I love that there’s a whole blog dedicated to Japanese ice cream!)