Real live miniature vegetable garden… with miniature vegetables!

microgreens kit

Did I mention that it’s real and you grow real miniature vegetables? OK. Just wanted to make sure.

Did you also know that eating these miniature veggies is pretty common and that they are called microgreens? You learn something new every day. 

You can buy this at a variety of places including or Amazon.

Interactive Kids Activity Rugs

interactive kids activity rug

Recent explorations for an area rug for my little one yielded a new discovery… Interactive activity rugs for kids! Here are the best ones I stumbled on:

hopscotch rug

Hopscotch area rug at CB2

birds eye map kids area rug

Kids Rugs: Kids Town Activity Rug Features Roads, Trees, Buildings And Lakes at Land of Nod

driving map car area rug

Kids Rugs: Kids Car & Train Transportation Rug at Land of Nod

luca and company dollhouse are rug

dollhouse area rug

IVI 3D Play Carpets by Luca and Company

National Geographic – Love You, Dad


love you dad national geographic

From National Geographic:

Happy *almost* Father’s Day! This year, National Geographic Books is celebrating all things Dad with our new book “Love You, Dad: A Book of Thanks.” The book features adorable animal photos combined with reasons why we love dads – including a tiny chipmunk shoving a whole peanut in his mouth with the caption “Love you, Dad, for (occasionally) letting me stuff my face.”

Find this cute book at Amazon or other bookstores.