Boo Boo Bunnies

boo boo bunnies

Freeze the plastic ice cubes and pop them into the bunny sleeves when the need arises. Having kid-tested these on my niece, I can tell you that boo boo bunnies really take the edge off of the trips and falls.

You can buy them at Amazon and many places that sell kids products or if you’re looking for a more unique-looking set, there are hundreds of handmade boo boo bunny sets at places like Etsy.

Mini Pet Cactus Cell Phone Charms

mini pet cactus cell phone charm

mini pet cactus cell phone charm

Lamenting the fact that wearing a pet hermit crab around your neck is not longer politically correct? (I’m not kidding! People used to do this in the 1990s! Gah!) Well now you can move on to an equally lovable and irresistibly tiny pet cactus.

This tiny cactus cell phone charm comes sealed in a tiny plastic jar which contains some sort of gel to keep it alive… for a while I’m guessing. And it can be yours for only $9.99 from