Re-Ment Airline Meals

  Airline Meals / Plane Food

Korean Airline Meal Tray

If you don’t know about Re-ment, you might want to go hide your wallet right now! Re-ment is a Japanese toy company that makes teeny tiny miniatures that are so cute, they’ll make your head explode.

This is their airline food set. And all I want to know is… Where can you get good looking airline food like this these days?!

You can purchase Re-ment at lots of places online including eBay.

Marshall Zipper Charms

marshall zipper charmsmarshall zipper charm

These adorable marshmallow-themed zipper pulls are designer vinyl toys which fall into the spendier price range. But if you’re into collecting that kinda thing, you can buy a set of 16 of these little cuties all with different personalities for $60. I love that the boxes are as awesomely appealing as the toys.

Designed by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and available at the awesome designer vinyl toy store Rotofugi.