Kit to Sew Your Own Stuffed Bunny

sewn bunny kit

stuffed bunny kit

The "Easy Sew Bunny Kit" by Dumpling Dynasty comes with everything you need to sew your own stuffed bunny. The fabric pieces are even pre-cut. And when you're done you have a beautiful tin case to keep other things in. Available to buy at


Red Panda Sleeping in a Tree Trunk

red panda

What a gorgeous photo of a such a gorgeous animal!

Have you ever looked at a red panda and thought it was interesting that it's called a "panda" and yet looks like some kind of a raccoon? Turns out over time some people have classified it as a bear and some as a raccoon but more recently research has shown that it's really part of the Ailuridae family and is the only living species in this family. (The other animals in the Ailuridae family lived 3-4 million years ago).

Thanks to Wikipedia for all of this interesting info about red pandas and the Ailuridae family of animals.


Skip Hop Squeak and Rattle Funny Face Mirror

bunny rattle

This cute little rattle has a mirror where it's face should be. You might confuse your baby with this notion of staring at a bunny and seeing his or her own face but I think it's worth it.

Made by Skip Hop and available to buy at Amazon.


Photobombing Goat

photobombing goat


Now this is some photobombing we can all get behind.

This unexpectedly funny photo was taken by Facundo Jose while rock climbing in Bariloche, Argentina.



Umm. Chenille Chicks Dressed Up as Tourists?

chenille chicks wearing sunglasses

If I had a "WTF" category, I'd file these there. haha. I randomly stumbled on these while looking for some good photos of chenille chicks and I just had to share!

If you're so inclined, you can buy these at


Airplane and Clouds Wall Decals

airplane wall decal

Add a some more cute to your kiddo's nursery with these airplane and cloud removable wall decals by Blik. I also love how striking they look against the mauve wall paint.

Momiji Message Dolls

Marine Animals (Mostly) Earring Pack by Crowded Teeth

shark earrings

So, admit it. You were just saying to yourself "My wardrobe is great but I'm really in need of some tooth-shaped earrings." Well, now you can have them. Along with marine animals and clouds. Oh and don't forget the sad kitties with all the boo boos.

You can buy these cuties at


Marmot Chewing on a Cracker [video]


I didn't even know what a marmot was until I saw this video. And now I feel a slight marmot obsession coming on.


We've All Been There

dogs hugging

You're out having a good time... The world's your oyster... You lose track of how many martinis you've had... And then look what happens. Inter-species dog cuddling. Wait? What did you think I was getting at? (Via Reddit)

Momiji Message Dolls

Never Ending Bubble Wrap Popping Action

bubble wrap keychain

eternal pop pop

Why, yes. This is a toy that simulates the popping of bubble wrap. And it's called "Eternal Pop Pop."

Read more about it at


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