Surprised Kitty [video]

Just in case you missed this video when it was passed all over the entire internet, or even if you did see it, it's definitely worth watching it again. And again. And, yeah, again. 


Lunch Punch Puzzle Shaped Sandwich Cutters

lunch punch

I'm not sure it's a good idea to have to make food cute before your kids will eat it, but these are pretty darn cool nonetheless. You can buy Lunch Punch sandwich cutters at Shop at Moxie.


Pygmy Hippo Calf Born at Taronga Zoo

Pygmy hippos are cute. This little gal named Kambrini was born recently at the Taronga Zoo in Australia. Even her mama is cute too.


Kitchen Island Made of Legos


lego kitchen island

You'd have to go minimalist to get away with a kitchen island like this but it would certainly be worth it. Oh, yeah, and you'd also have to set aside 40 days and 20,000 legos. Read more about this masterpiece at Dwell.


Mini Vegan Donuts

mini vegan donuts

Start your work week off right by whipping up a batch of vegan mini donuts for the week! Recipe and step-by-step photos at


Polaroid Just Got Cute



Flickr user Bnice2mice crafts up insanely adorable versions of inanimate objects. (If my crafty mojo is correct, I believe this is needlepoint on plastic canvas.)

Momiji Message Dolls

How to Make Ice Cream Pops

ice cream pops

Just when you thought Cake Pops were the most adorable dessert on a stick. Here come ice cream pops! Learn to make them via scoochmaro on Instructables.


Writer's Block

kitten on laptop

Guess who's not getting any work done today.


Worlds Smallest Pac Man Game

mini pac man

So you've mastered all 255 levels of Pac Man and want to know what's next? Try your hand at playing the world's smallest game of Pac Man

Momiji Message Dolls

Miniature Cuckoo Clock Sweater Clips

cuckoo clock sweater clips

Handmade cuckoo clock sweater clips by Made With Love By Hannah. So sweet!

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