Bug-Eyed Teddy Bear Pendant

glass bear bead necklace

How about a bug-eyed teddy bear to adorn your neck? Available at girlzlyfe.com.


Miniature Stove Kitchen Timer

stove shaped kitchen timer

Looking for a new kitchen timer? How about this one shaped like a miniature stove? Available at Amazon.


How to Make Your Significant Other's Day

starbucks you're extremely hot

Some simple strategic sharpie-ing to make your loved one smile. (via Reddit)


Chinchilla Gets a Good Scratchin' [video]

Now you know how to make good friends with the next chinchilla you meet! (via DailySquee.com)


Handmade Felted Halloween Toys

halloween felt toys

halloween stuffed toys

Etsy seller asherjasper makes magnificently cute felted toys. Pictured above are some special Halloween-themed toys which are awesome enough to display all year round.


Japanese Giga Pudding Commercial [video]

This Japanese pudding commercial is so insanely cute that if I had to choose between eating the yummy-looking pudding and watching the commercial, I think I'd have to choose the commercial. (via BoingBoing)


Momiji Message Dolls

Most Awesome Handmade Robot Costume Ever

handmade robot costume

Who misses being a kid after seeing this masterpiece?! I do! Read the sweet story behind this Halloween costume at thedailywh.at.


Lego Studded Camera

lego pentax camera

Pentax apparently has a digital camera which you can decorate with legos. While I'll admit to being a bit skeptical as to the practicality of a camera covered in legos, it certainly is cute.


Bee-Themed Dish Cleaning Brush

bee cleaning brush

Anything you can do to make washing the dishes more fun, is a good idea in my book. You can find this bee-themed drinking glass cleaning brush at Amazon.

Momiji Message Dolls

How to Make Play Dough

how to make playdough

Using just 6 ingredients that you likely already have at home, you can make play dough! Now what I want to know is how do you get that yummy "Play-Doh" scent? Via instructables user canida.

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