Renova Colorful Toilet Paper

renova toilet paper

renova toilet paper

Should you want to draw some attention to the act of wiping of your backside (don’t we all?!), you can find this in the following rainbow of colors: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Apple Green at

OK. While I hesitate to actually call this adorable, there is just something to be said about taking an unexpected item like toilet paper and making it all brightly colorful and cheerful, right?

Land of Rainbows and Monsters Laptop Skin

land of rainbows laptop skin

What could possibly make you happier than re-branding your laptop as a happy land of rainbows and monsters? This laptop skin fits any 15″ laptop and is non-adhesive (sticks via static cling). So not only does it protect your laptop from scratches but it doesn’t leave any adhesive gunk. You can buy it at