Menta-Kun and Chibi Menta by Dehara

Menta-Kun by Dehara

chibi menta by dehara

chibi menta keychains by dehara

Dehara Yukinori is an artist from Japan. Amongst other things, he makes designer vinyl toys. My personal favorites are the Menta-Kun and Chibi Menta guys (both available at rotofugi). I don’t know what they are, but they are adorable.

Something tells me there’s a vaguely disturbing explanation for what these guys are judging from Dehara’s other works. But I prefer to just think of them as adorable little veiny guys who sit on a shelf in my dining room and make me happy! haha.

Fire at a Local Mushroom Farm

howie woo

I feel like Howie Woo should win some sort of Nobel Prize for being able to do so many amusing things so well. He’s a cartoonist, he makes movies, he’s funny, he’s got a really wacky imagination… and oh yeah, he also crochets like a mofo.

The picture above is of a crocheted vignette he came up with after reading a story in the news about a big fire at a local mushroom farm.

See what I mean?

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