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Adorable home decor.

Handmade Felt Matryoshka Ornaments

russian nesting doll ornament

matryoshka ornament

These are being sold as Christmas ornaments but they are gorgeous enough to display year round! You can find them at Anthropologie.


Connect-The-Dots Wallpaper

connect-the-dots wallpaper

Connect-the-dots wallpaper keeps your kids busy and looks really cool too. Win win! Find it at coxandcox.com. (via boingboing)


Adorable Holiday Ornaments on Etsy

Looking for some unique holiday ornaments for your tree this year? Here are some painfully adorable ones that I spotted on Etsy.

1. The usual cast of Christmas characters plus dessert-themed ornaments by Etsy seller araleling.

felt ornaments by araleling

felt ornaments by araleling

felt ornaments by araleling


2. Absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired ornaments by Etsy seller SugarElf.

ornaments by SugarElf

ornaments by SugarElf


3. Sweet owls and gingerbread man by Etsy seller vivikas.

ornaments by vivikas

ornaments by vivikas


4. And, yes, more owls! Too cute not to include these little guys. I especially love the owls that are all tangled up in miniature Christmas lights! By Etsy seller TheCupcakeGirls.

ornaments by TheCupcakeGirls

owl ornament



Singing Lady Ornament Made of Sheet Music

singing ornament

sheet music ornament

So much to love from the sweet vintage-style face to the crocheted dress to the fact that it's made of folded sheet music.  You can find this ornament at Anthropologie.


Woodland Animal Lamps

rabbit lamp

bunny lamp

squirrel lamp

squirrel lamps

These lamps manage to pull off sophisticated and kitschy. Quite a feat. Find then at Anthropologie.


Owl Play Mat by Skip Hop

skip hop owl play mat

owl playmat

skip hop tree friends

Who says that baby play mats need to be garish primary colors with the same old animals over and over again? Skip Hop makes this sweet owl and woodland creature-themed play mat and you can buy it at Amazon.com.

Momiji Message Dolls

An Adorable Menorah

orange menorah

I've been wanting to blog about some adorable Hanukkah goodness (it starts on Dec 1st this year!) but haven't been able to find much out there. And then I found this. So colorful! This menorah is sure to make your holiday even more festive! You can find this at UncommonGoods.com and it's only $39.


Tour of a 100 Square Foot House [video]

This 100 square foot house is simply amazing. But... He has another larger house nearby for all his STUFF, right? haha. (via boingboing)

If you want to see more tiny houses that Jay Shafer has built, check out his YouTube channel.


Cutest Neighborhood - Gingerbread Houses on Martha's Vineyard

gingerbread houses martha's vineyard

On the small island of Martha's Vineyard (off the southern coast of Massachusetts) you can find what is perhaps the world's cutest neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Oak Bluffs and there is a whole cluster of houses called the "gingerbread houses." They were built in the 1800's and luckily the current owners keep them lovingly colorful, ornate, and kept up.

I've been there and, yup, they really are adorable and spectacular in person! (Via manalohome.com)

Momiji Message Dolls

Felt Animal Wall-Mounted Heads

felt wall-mounted animal head

For those who want the kitsch of a wall-mounted animal head without the, umm, animal head. Hand made by the talented Etsy seller planetfur. (Via manolohome.com)

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