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Adorable craft supplies and craft tools.

Mochimochi Land's Tiny Things Patterns

tiny knit panda

miniature knitted animals

The Mochimochi Land website has adorable knitting patterns that you can buy and download and print out yourself. They are created by Anna Hrachovec. I'm especially fond of the "Tiny Things" series pictured above. How can you resist?! (via Craftzine)


Japanese Paper Clay aka Fuwa Fuwa Clay

fuwa mousse clay


fuwa fuwa clay

paper clay mold

japanese paper clay

When I was in Japan I learned about this new kind of crafting clay called "paper clay" or "fuwa fuwa clay." It comes in kits from which you make adorable miniature desserts. The clay is unbelievably light and pliable (the term "fuwa fuwa" means light and fluffy). It air dries overnight so no baking it in an oven like with polymer clay.

The pictures above are from

If you want to buy some of these kits yourself, here are some places to find them:

Paper clay kits at

Paper clay kits at



Ayumi Uyama Koko Squirrel Kit

ayumi uyama squirrel kit sewing

This insanely cute sewing kit comes with all the pieces you need (even pre-cut for you!) to make this adorable retro-style squirrel plush. You can buy it at


Sassafras Lass Felties


Sassafras Lass is a company that makes, hands down, the cutest craft supplies on the planet. These self-adhesive felties, called "Fruity Family," are just one example of the awesomeness that Sassafras Lass has to offer. And if you like these, there are lots of other adorable felties styles as well.

Find lots of of these felties on eBay.

Or at lots of other places that sell craft and scrapbooking supplies


Gummi (Gummy) Bear Glass Beads

gummi bear beads

Sick of your gummi bear jewelry melting on hot days and attracting flies? Oriental Trading has glass gummi bear beads to save the day.


Petit Sweets Puffy Stickers

puffy stickers

You could have a whole blog about adorable, miniature. kawaii, puffy stickers and never run out of material. But these are especially cute and I couldn't resist sharing. (Via

Momiji Message Dolls

Orchard Fawns Canvas Fabric

fawn fabric

This sweet Japanese fawn and apples fabric is actually canvas. This means it could be sewn into an adorable and very sturdy handbag. Tempting. Available at eQuilter.


Kit to Sew Your Own Stuffed Bunny

sewn bunny kit

stuffed bunny kit

The "Easy Sew Bunny Kit" by Dumpling Dynasty comes with everything you need to sew your own stuffed bunny. The fabric pieces are even pre-cut. And when you're done you have a beautiful tin case to keep other things in. Available to buy at


Umm. Chenille Chicks Dressed Up as Tourists?

chenille chicks wearing sunglasses

If I had a "WTF" category, I'd file these there. haha. I randomly stumbled on these while looking for some good photos of chenille chicks and I just had to share!

If you're so inclined, you can buy these at

Momiji Message Dolls

Julie West Sublime Stitching Patterns

julie west embroidery sublime stitching patterns

You may know about the amazing original patterns created by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. But did you know Sublime Stitching also teams up with other artists as well? These designs are by artist Julie West and they are simply adorable.

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