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Adorable kids, pets and animals.

Welcome home!

dog ruining wallpaper

I hope you had a nice day! I decided to do some redecorating for you! (via reddit)


Live Puppy Cam [video]

Free video chat by Ustream

Point a live web cam at six new Shiba Inu puppies and you've given the world their daily dose of AWWWWW.



cat hugging kittens

I don't think it gets more comfy than this. (via reddit


Chewbacca Dog

chewbacca dog

Does the fact that this was photoshopped make it any less awesome? Nope. Certainly not. (via reddit)

P.S. If you like this, don't forget to check out Ewok Dog!


If this isn't a great example of "love birds"...

parrots cuddling in shape of heart

... then I don't know what is! (via flickr user happy cnm)


Tiny French Bulldog Puppy Meets Tennis Ball [video]

Goodness gracious. If you watch only one video today, trust me it must be this one.

Momiji Message Dolls

Kitten Adorably Freaked Out By Its Own Reflection [video]

Who needs cat toys when you've got a good 'ol fashioned mirror?!


Fennec Fox Eating Carrots [video]

What could make the preternaturally cute fennec fox even cuter? How about carrots. Really... anything.


Owls in Love

owls in love

You can't say these owls don't give a hoot. (via reddit)

Momiji Message Dolls

Baby Tortoise Eating Clovers

turtle eating a leaf

Why are baby tortoises so cute when they eat things? And how long do you think it took this little guy to eat that tiny little leaf? (via reddit)

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