Cutest Neighborhood - Gingerbread Houses on Martha's Vineyard

gingerbread houses martha's vineyard

On the small island of Martha's Vineyard (off the southern coast of Massachusetts) you can find what is perhaps the world's cutest neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Oak Bluffs and there is a whole cluster of houses called the "gingerbread houses." They were built in the 1800's and luckily the current owners keep them lovingly colorful, ornate, and kept up.

I've been there and, yup, they really are adorable and spectacular in person! (Via



I want to go to there.
One can never have too much yarn...or books...or Hello Kitty.

To run a productive small business right now, it is immensely important to have brand recognition. Sometimes the wires in the office or the home could be the cause for an accident.

i been to Marthas Vineyard every year of my life and ive been to the gingerbread houses multiple times, its so much fun! :)

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